All Out for Mom

Kylie has been home catching up on smiles. We’ve had some good times and not so good times over the past few days. Recovering from chemo can be tough. We are learning to plan things 10 minutes at a time because they can go south quickly. Here is a recap of our most recent smiles

From a Senator


A Prom Queen


Tim Tebow


And a whole children’s choir

church choir

For the rest of the week, Kylie wanted to issue a challenge that all the people can join in. This Sunday is Mother’s Day (in case anyone forgot). This won’t count as your present, but Kylie thought it would be fun to see people giving their best smiles for that most special person, MOM. Maybe hold a sign, tweet a message for her, or do something crazy to show your love.

Don’t forget to tag #SmileyForKylie on Twitter or Instagram so we can find it.

You can also stick it on our Facebook page: SmileyForKylie

Make mamma proud! Smile big.

Photo attribution: Clever Cupcakes from Montreal, Canada (Montreal Mother’s Day Cupcakes!)

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