Bald is Beautiful – Update 2

There are some beautiful baldies out there – some freshly shaven and some bald for years. Also, a flurry of grown men writing on their heads – that made Kylie smiley even through a rough round of chemo.

My friend Steven in Montreal joined the bald club over the weekend. That is one finely-shaped cabesa!


A cross-eyed message from Tony.


Craig celebrated with color!


Kylie is feeling the Lambert High School love as her sisters’ chorus teacher shaved and his wife donated to Locks of Love in Kylie’s honor. So wonderful of Mr. and Mrs. Wason (Ella gave a lock, too)!


 Lambert’s Lit. teacher extraordinaire, Mr. Van Treek showed his spirit:


And we got a very sweet Tweet that said, “Grandpa’s been bald all 50 yrs. Grandma’s loved him…”

Awwwww… That’s Incredible!


Fun stuff. We hope to bring her home later today for a longer stay than last time. Stay beautiful!

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