USA Challenge, Update 2

Kylie is close to finishing the USA challenge. We have already got a great start when we go global too!

While we like the notes and written smiles, Kylie decided it only counts in this game if a person or animal is smiling at her. It’s her game, she gets to make the rules and manipulate them at any time to suit her whims.

Remember you can leave them on the Facebook  Smiley for Kylie page. Or you can put them on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #SmileyForKylie.

Here is our updated map! We are so close. If your state isn’t red by tomorrow, we will have to call you out…



Note: We read the comments here, but can’t really reply to them all. The Facebook page, Smiley for Kylie is the best way to contact if you want to share something other than a smile.

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