Remember Broadway?

Yay! We went through a Broadway drought but finally got one over the weekend. Kylie got this cute one from Taylor Louderman who was in Bring It On: The Musical (Thanks to her sister Madison for reaching out to Kylie on Facebook.) Remember, with Kylie’s love of the theater, the Broadway category of challenges will […]

Smiling all over the place

 It’s been a good week to be smiley. We’ve been to Lake Michigan with my Hagan cousins and to the antler arch at Jackson Hole, Wyoming.   We’ve been to my cousin, Delaney’s 13th birthday party and CYT drama camp. We even managed a trip to Tanzania, A ride with the Blue Angels And to […]

Summer Vacations

Some of you have already been on great vacations! Thank you for taking Kylie along with you. We’ve been from coast to coast, beaches, a military wedding, and even to the Baseball Hall of Fame & Graceland. We’ve sat on the edge of a volcano too. Here are the ones we got recently:         […]


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