Green countries have smiled for Kylie

Kylie has so many new friends now, we wanted to introduce you to our challenges. We issue challenges from time to time to get smiles and spread smiles. It took us only three days to get all of the US states to be smiley. After that, people sent so many smileys from all over the […]

Camps, Islands, and Snowy Mountains


 We got a flurry of camp pictures and a few leftover from the 4th of July Then came cousins John & Lindsay in Jamaica, Uncle Ray & McKinley in water, and Megan in front of Mont Blanc, France This isn’t a vacation pic, but just in case anyone thinks about messing with Kylie… she’s got […]

Strong in South America

We heard from Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Bosnia, and Malawi Here is the current map. We are close to putting the Americas completely green. Here are the countries we need: Greenland Dominican Republic, Cuba, El Salvador Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana If you know anyone there, give them a shout and tell them […]


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