Camps, Islands, and Snowy Mountains


 We got a flurry of camp pictures and a few leftover from the 4th of July Then came cousins John & Lindsay in Jamaica, Uncle Ray & McKinley in water, and Megan in front of Mont Blanc, France This isn’t a vacation pic, but just in case anyone thinks about messing with Kylie… she’s got […]

Stories of Hope – Ms. Mac

Ms. Mac is the kids’ name for Jean McConaughy, a favorite teacher at Perimeter Christian School. Kylie had Ms. Mac for the for the fourth grade, the same year her close friend and classmate, Bailey started her treatment for Osteosarcoma. Jean led all of the children in her class to rally behind  and pray for […]

Sunday’s Comin’

Pastors, what are you preaching today? Kylie is in the hospital – hoping to come home today – but will miss church again. She hasn’t been able to go since March, just before she got diagnosed with cancer. Will you Send Kylie your favorite verse of scripture? You can hold up a note with the […]


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