Love those Smiling Cats

We got a great collection of smiling cats that has made Kylie very happy. Since she has been at home and the affects of the chemo are slowly fading away, she has had more time to peruse the pics people are leaving her. ♦ We also got a tweet from a very special and hilarious […]


Kylie is loving the cat pictures. She was at home all day and even felt good enough to let mom slip out to see her older sisters’ chorus concert. Unfortunately, the pictures are not quelling her desire for another cat, they are intensifying it. She is wearing her mother down. Here is a collage of […]

On Broadway Challenge Update & Some Surprises

We got a couple of new ones today! ♦ The first came from Bullets Over Broadway                       Then we got a Tweet from Rocky the Musical and he was holding the cover photo from this site! ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Then we had some surprises! […]

On Broadway Challenge – update 2

It has been a long stay since the diagnosis. These Broadway smiles are helping her. Through the rough hours, she is amazed to see people she watched on the Tonys smiling just for her. Here are what we got yesterday:   A text message from Judine Somerville from Hairspray Jake Odmark from Kinky Boots   The icing on […]

USA challenge complete!

Five young ladies from the University of Wyoming completed our challenge in three short days.  Go Cowboys! Kylie is sleeping now, but I can’t wait to tell her tomorrow. We had a good day of smiles as the first round of chemo is finished and her appetite is returning.  She even got to play a […]


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