Broadway SIP

Kylie sent letters to Aladdin cast members and got replies from two of them. In fact, Courtney Reed made this #SIP for her: She loves that show. Still holding out for Genie to grant her wish. On another note, the kind folks at did a page for Kylie to try to help her get more […]

Back to School Smiles Challenge

Monday, August 11th marks a big day for Kylie. She is desperately hoping to be able to go back to school. Last year, she wasn’t able to go back after the early April diagnosis. This is a BIG DEAL for her. We will post as many pics as a 7th grade girl will let us […]

Remember Broadway?

Yay! We went through a Broadway drought but finally got one over the weekend. Kylie got this cute one from Taylor Louderman who was in Bring It On: The Musical (Thanks to her sister Madison for reaching out to Kylie on Facebook.) Remember, with Kylie’s love of the theater, the Broadway category of challenges will […]

Smiling all over the place

 It’s been a good week to be smiley. We’ve been to Lake Michigan with my Hagan cousins and to the antler arch at Jackson Hole, Wyoming.   We’ve been to my cousin, Delaney’s 13th birthday party and CYT drama camp. We even managed a trip to Tanzania, A ride with the Blue Angels And to […]

Stories of Hope – Gillian

It is special when someone with whom we have no known connection sends us a note of encouragement. This message showed up on Kylie’s Facebook page. We appreciate Gillian sharing her hope with Kylie. By the look of her Team Gillybean Facebook page, not only did she beat cancer, she is determined to raise money and […]


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