Sharing Hair – The Sequel

Kelly Lesh - former PCS classmate of Kylie's sister Kendall

One of the most wonderful things to see is people who do whatever they can to encourage Kylie. We all feel helpless in this journey, but it is great to see people use their time, skills, talents, or whatever they can do to show they care. To that end, we had some more young ladies donate their […]

Bald is Beautiful – Putting the Lid on it!

Time to cap this challenge with a final smile from Lambert High School, this from Mr. Bass in the administration     Kylie got to come home yesterday and has eaten some today – a very good sign. If everything goes well, we will have nine whole days at home before the next round. We […]

Bald is Beautiful – Update 1


When we started this, I had in my mind we would see a lot of men. Surprisingly, the early lead went to the ladies with pictures from the lovely Brenda Ehly,  Bethany Pridmore, and Melinda.      The guys finally stepped up.     We actually had a man shave his off to join the […]


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