Wonderful Week of Babies


Kylie is feeling better and all of these baby smiles you sent are helping. Here are some baby smile collages – SO Beautiful!             How can you not be happy scrolling through those? Send any more baby smiles on our Smiley For Kylie Facebook page, or add them to Twitter […]

Baby Smiles – A New Challenge

baby 3

Kylie got a dose of chemo yesterday and could use some smiles. Kylie Loves Babies and we all love┬áto make babies smile. So we wanted to start a new challenge to get smiles from babies. We have gotten some already!   So take those pretty baby smiles and put them on our Smiley For Kylie […]

Broadway SIP

Kylie sent letters to Aladdin cast members and got replies from two of them. In fact, Courtney Reed┬ámade this #SIP for her: She loves that show. Still holding out for Genie to grant her wish. On another note, the kind folks at TheBestArts.com did a page for Kylie to try to help her get more […]


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