Sharing Hair – The Sequel

Kelly Lesh - former PCS classmate of Kylie's sister Kendall

One of the most wonderful things to see is people who do whatever they can to encourage Kylie. We all feel helpless in this journey, but it is great to see people use their time, skills, talents, or whatever they can do to show they care. To that end, we had some more young ladies donate their […]

Back to School Smiles Challenge

Monday, August 11th marks a big day for Kylie. She is desperately hoping to be able to go back to school. Last year, she wasn’t able to go back after the early April diagnosis. This is a BIG DEAL for her. We will post as many pics as a 7th grade girl will let us […]


Green countries have smiled for Kylie

Kylie has so many new friends now, we wanted to introduce you to our challenges. We issue challenges from time to time to get smiles and spread smiles. It took us only three days to get all of the US states to be smiley. After that, people sent so many smileys from all over the […]


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