Broadway SIP

Kylie sent letters to Aladdin cast members and got replies from two of them. In fact, Courtney Reed made this #SIP for her:


She loves that show. Still holding out for Genie to grant her wish.

On another note, the kind folks at did a page for Kylie to try to help her get more Broadway smiles. We wanted to say thank you to Kevin Ireland, who has worked his connections to encourage Kylie.

Remember, with Kylie’s love of the theater, the Broadway category of challenges will never close.

So keep those Smiley’s coming on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with her hashtag


Sharing Hair – The Sequel

One of the most wonderful things to see is people who do whatever they can to encourage Kylie. We all feel helpless in this journey, but it is great to see people use their time, skills, talents, or whatever they can do to show they care. To that end, we had some more young ladies donate their hair to either Locks of Love or Pantene Beautiful Lengths in Kylie’s honor.

Kelly Lesh - former PCS classmate of Kylie's sister Kendall

Kelly Lesh – former PCS classmate of Kylie’s sister Kendall


Miah Chadwick, the daughter of one of Robin's close college friend.

Miah Chadwick, the daughter of one of Robin’s close college friend.


Kayla Cowart donated her hair at Cuttin Up.

Kayla Cowart donated her hair at Cuttin Up.


Kylie's friend, Kaitlin Noble.

Kylie’s friend, Kaitlin Noble.

If we missed anyone, let us know and we will give a shout.

Thank you, ladies.

Back to School Smiles Challenge

Monday, August 11th marks a big day for Kylie.

She is desperately hoping to be able to go back to school. Last year, she wasn’t able to go back after the early April diagnosis.

This is a BIG DEAL for her.

We will post as many pics as a 7th grade girl will let us take – and we want to see your back to school smiles too!

Here is her class party from yesterday


School supply shopping on Saturday


And her first day of school ever (just because she was so cute)


Kylie has chemo on Thursday and Friday, so say a prayer that she will feel good enough on Monday to go to school

And remember to share your best Back to School Smile with Kylie!

Whether it is college, kindergarten, or anything in between – send her a smiling selfie on Facebook, or put it on Twitter or Instagram and hashtag #SmileyForKylie.


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