Summer Vacations

Some fun vacation pics came in,

A horsey smile, the beach, and cheerleading camp

A horsey smile, the beach, and cheerleading camp


Pretty smiles from campers in North Carolina

The Sherlocks in San Fransisco

The Sherlocks in San Fransisco

On a Windy day in Panama City, Bekah & Katherine decided to make a Smiley For Kylie on the sand. With the double red flag out, the people were forced to stay inside. So three bored teenagers staying in the same condo took a picture of Bekah & Katherine’s work and posted it on Instagram before they did. So here is their Smiley from four angles.


Thank you all for taking Kylie along with you. She is still enjoying seeing your vacation pics!

Keep Smiling

Stories of Hope – Bethany

Bethany Pridmore is a friend from First Redeemer who has had her own battle with cancer. Since the beginning, she has encouraged Kylie and our family with scripture and words of empathy.

When we had the Bald is Beautiful challenge, she was one of the first to respond.

Like Kylie will someday, she has hair now.



Recently, when Kylie felt the sting of hearing that she wasn’t near the end of chemo treatments, Bethany shared her own story of getting the very same news and pushing on. It meant a great deal to Kylie.

Thank you, Bethany, for sharing you trials and victory with Kylie.

Remember Broadway?

Yay! We went through a Broadway drought but finally got one over the weekend.

Kylie got this cute one from Taylor Louderman who was in Bring It On: The Musical


(Thanks to her sister Madison for reaching out to Kylie on Facebook.)

Remember, with Kylie’s love of the theater, the Broadway category of challenges will never close.

So keep those Smiley’s coming on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with her hashtag


Camps, Islands, and Snowy Mountains

 We got a flurry of camp pictures and a few leftover from the 4th of July



Then came cousins John & Lindsay in Jamaica, Uncle Ray & McKinley in water, and Megan in front of Mont Blanc, France


This isn’t a vacation pic, but just in case anyone thinks about messing with Kylie… she’s got the law on her side:



Thank you all for taking Kylie along with you this summer

Keep Smiling

Strong in South America

We heard from Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Bosnia, and Malawi

Here is the current map.


We are close to putting the Americas completely green. Here are the countries we need:


Dominican Republic, Cuba, El Salvador

Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana

If you know anyone there, give them a shout and tell them to be Smiley For Kylie.


 Use Instagram or Twitter and  make sure to hashtag #SmileyForKylie

Or share them on our Facebook Page

New map comes out on the fives… Until then, Keep Smiling!


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