Around the World in 69 Smiles

We haven’t updated our map in a while. Kylie has gotten smiley’s from 69 countries now!

How Amazing!

Here is her map – she still needs smiles from the blue countries.

Photo Oct 02, 11 14 20 PM

She has also made a bunch of new friends in Turkey on Instagram and learned that #gülKylie means “smile Kylie” there.

If you are in a blue country – Be Smiley!

Use Instagram or Twitter and  make sure to hashtag #SmileyForKylie

Or share them on our Facebook Page

Until then, Keep Smiling!

More Baby Smiles

We got three more baby pictures for our challenge.









Those are some happy babies! 

Thanks to all of you for sharing your baby smiles with Kylie

Send any more baby smiles on our Smiley For Kylie Facebook page, or add them to Twitter or Instagram with the #SmileyForKylie hashtag so she can find them.

Keep Smiling!

Stories of Hope – Erin

It is so wonderful to hear about survivors – especially ones who had the same cancer as Kylie.

A couple of months ago, a young lady name Erin reached out to us and said she had Ewing’s Sarcoma and like Kylie, it had metastisized to other parts of her body. That movement of the cancer is the most troubling part of what we are fighting. We got Erin’s note at a particularly tough time – right when we needed to hear a victory story.


Thank you Erin, for sharing your story with us.  You give us hope!

Jersey Boys & Genie

New Broadway Smileys, YEAH!

These three good- looking guys from Jersey Boys gave a smile.


Kylie has been loving Aladdin since it premiered.

She sent fan art and some bracelets to them and was so excited to see this from Tony-Winning Genie, James Monroe Iglehart.


Keep those Broadway Smiley’s coming on Facebook or on Twitter or Instagram with her hashtag



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